ASI: Connect

Evaluate individual executions or multiple campaign elements across any platform in markets all around the globe

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ASI:Connect is our most flexible and sophisticated interactive copy testing tool. From emerging digital media to more traditional forms – you can evaluate individual executions or multiple campaign elements across any platform in markets all around the globe.

  • Does your ad cut through the clutter and get noticed?
  • Do consumers link this ad to your brand?
  • Is your ad memorable?
  • How are consumers responding not just rationally, but emotionally?
  • Are your messages consistent with and supportive of your overall brand strategy?

Key Features Include:

  • Reception – Examines how likely your ad is to get noticed and whether or not your ad is being linked to your brand.
  • Persuasion – Highlights how effective your ad is at motivating consumers to take action.
  • Copy Effect Index – Combines the effects of brand related recall and persuasion into a single indicator of ad effectiveness that is validated to in-market sales.
  • Brand Equity – Showcases the potential for your ad to build brand equity.
  • Reaction Diagnostics – Pinpoints which elements of your ad are contributing to its success, which are detracting, and what you can address to improve performance.
  • Communication Diagnostics – Studies your communication message assessing its clarity and its effect on your brand perception.
  • Emotional Response and Engagement – Identifies the emotions created by your ad and reveals the impact these emotions have on your brand.

Our unique approach offers a number of advantages found in no other copy testing system:

We Account For The Complexity Of Today’s World
One of the most difficult tasks an ad has is to break through the clutter and capture consumer attention. By showcasing ads as they are experienced in media, creating an abundance of noise, and carefully masking the actual test ad(s) you get a more accurate assessment of recall and impact.

We Don’t Ask Consumers To Tell Us Things They Can’t Reliably Know
There are some things consumer don’t know and can’t reliably explain which is why we observe and derive our results. And, we always account for emotion. Emotions matter. They influence consumer reactions to your brand and they influence the behaviors that follow.