Lunch@Ipsos – On the Horizon. Trends for 2015/2016

Lunch@Ipsos – On the Horizon |Trends for 2015/2016
24 March 2015

The rise of the US$, the fall of oil prices, the lack of staff or the crunching of big data? Which trends will impact business the most in 2015?

Presented by Tim Hill, Business Development Director
Ipsos Business Consulting, Singapore

Tim will reveal the most significant business trends and the economic confidence levels from a study of senior executives representing large corporations across multiple industries in the core ASEAN countries.  This survey of 850 senior executive respondents in ASEAN markets was completed in March 2015 and has not been previously published. The study shows how CEOs and their line managers view the business environment for 2015 and the differences in outlook between them and their counterparts in other ASEAN countries. It also shows how they feel the ASEAN Economic Community, due to be implemented at the end of this year, will impact their businesses and their country.


Prosumer, City-sumer, Sellsumers, JOMO and FOMO…

Presented by Tammy Ho, Sr Business Development Manager
Singapore & Malaysia

Marketers and brand managers are constantly bombarded with fancy terms and buzzwords hailing the next big consumer trend but how do we wrap our heads around these trends and bring it one step closer to applying it to our own businesses?

The Trends Experts at the Ipsos Censydiam Institute have identified 8 key trends that will influence consumer behaviour over the next two years.  Unlike the work of many trendspotters, Censydiam takes a unique approach by clustering trends into over-arching themes that are based on human motivations. By understanding the reasons behind what is visible, we can begin to activate these trends for ourselves.

Tammy will walk through the 8 consumer trends of 2015 and 2016 and how we are seeing them expressed in Asia and around the world


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