The Singapore Report Card

42% of Singaporeans want to Migrate

Although Singaporeans rated Safety (80%), Standard of Education (69%) and the Economy (68%) in Singapore as Good/Excellent, 42% of Singaporeans will still choose to Migrate outside of Singapore if given the chance.

Singapore – An online Ipsos and SSI study conducted among 1,050 Singaporeans to understand what Values and Ideals Singaporeans believe is important to Singapore as a country, found that over half of Singaporeans choose Honest & Transparent Government (72%), Safety (67%), Be Just & Fair to All (59%) and Being Progressive (52%) as the key values. This is the second part of a larger study that attempts to understand what truly defines – and what it truly means – to be Singaporean.

When it comes to Safety, significantly more Singaporean women (73%) than men (61%) believe it to be an important value for Singapore to have. While 22% of Singaporeans listed Freedom of Speech as important, amongst those significantly younger Singaporeans aged 18-29yo (30%) listed it as important. Freedom of Religion was significantly more important to older Singaporeans aged 60-69 years old (35%). Interestingly, older Singaporeans (38%) aged 50-59 years old believed that Singapore needs to Be More Socially & Environmentally Conscious.

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