Defining Malaysians and Singaporeans

Urban Malaysians more Individualistic than Singaporeans

41% of Malaysians prioritize Self, significantly higher to Singaporeans at just 29%

Malaysia & Singapore – An online Ipsos-SSI study conducted among 1,059 Malaysians and 1,050 Singaporeans found that almost half of Urban Malaysians (41%) prioritize Self first, compared to significantly fewer Singaporeans at 29%. This is the first part of a larger study that attempts to understand what truly defines – and what it truly means – to be Malaysian or Singaporean.

Among Urban Malaysians, 67% in single households rate Self first, with 46% in households of two and 39% in households of four. Women (43%) prioritize Self more so than men (39%), and those in household income groups earning less than RM 1,500 a month do so as well (48%). In Singapore, students (46%) & young people aged 18-29 prioritize Self (41%) significantly higher compared to those aged 30-39 (30%) or 40-49 (24%). In single Singapore households, 53% rate Self significantly higher to 34% in households of two and 25% in households of four, and women only marginally prioritize Self 30%, more than men (27%).

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