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There’s no denying that successful advertising builds stronger brands.  Having tested more advertising than any other research agency worldwide, we help companies define, shape and tell more effective brand stories, in a fast-changing media landscape.

At Ipsos ASI, our purpose is to help you fulfil yours. We do not take for granted the end or the route to get you there. Instead, we work with you to ensure that you communicate the right messages across the right platforms in just the right ways. We test advertising, monitor results, and help our clients’ strengthen their connections with the people they serve. As communication specialists, we assess all media – traditional and digital, as well as new formats and channels as they emerge – to ensure we understand how these media are working against business objectives. We gauge performance with measures continually validated to in-market sales, share and loyalty.


Using this framework, our tools follow a process from idea development, testing of  creatives, tracking of results, and helping our clients maximise the impact in market.

Download a few ideas:

chart connect
chart check
chart brandshout
To ensure great creative primed for engagement, marketers have had to settle for pre-testing methods that are either fast and limited or slow and robust. Now you don’t have to settle… ASI:Connect offers you fast and robust pre-testing across all forms of media.Never has it been more important to check ad performance and monitor the competition. ASI:Check goes beyond the limitations of costly and time-consuming conventional research, allowing you to take the pulse of your creative in an instant.Better understand how consumers react and engage with your brand by measuring interactions at the very moment they happen.
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