Build stronger, more profitable and more enduring customer relationships.

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Ipsos Loyalty helps organisations succeed by improving their performance with better customer experiences and stronger, more profitable and more enduring relationships. Our creative solutions offer deeper customer understanding, more robust and actionable performance measurement and greater organisational alignment. Our global thought leadership, demonstrated through published books, journal articles in leading publications such as the Harvard Business Review and awards supports creative solutions that help our clients attract and retain customers. And with more than 1,000 loyalty specialists in over forty markets, we offer unparalleled scale, coverage and benchmarking in loyalty.

We can provide you with the latest insights into how to measure and manage loyalty in a way that works for you. Retaining the right customers is key to profitable loyalty and in order to maximise loyalty, a business needs first of all to understand which outcomes deliver most value. Is this through customer retention, increasing share of wallet, cross-selling or recommendation? Different answers will often apply to different customer groups. new loyalty bar

A unique portfolio of customer loyalty solutions to help your business succeed:

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ICE: Ideal Customer Experience
Digital Voice
Wallet Allocation Optimizer
Enterprise Feedback Management
Ipsos Mystery Shopping
Humans are complex. We make decisions every day that are shaped by interactions with people, places and other influences along…Develop insights based on listening to your customers – not just through surveys but online and elsewhere. The voice of the customer is coming from everywhere.The Wallet Allocation Optimizer uses the concept of how customers rank brands in their consideration set.Every day your competitors are creating new channels, launching new products and making irresistible marketing offers to snap up your…Ipsos mystery shoppers blend into the crowd to accurately report on your business, providing objective feedback on your most important…
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