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Ipsos MarketQuest aims at understanding people, markets and brands to drive business growth. We can help you identify business opportunities and innovation platforms, define the best positioning for your brands, allocate your marketing investments and develop winning strategies at the point of sale.

Ipsos is the only global agency with a dedicated practice in this area, under-pinned by a powerful and validated philosophy centred on people and human motivations. Our solutions look beyond the product, beyond data, beyond the survey. They are based on simplified metrics and are always linked to business outcomes, through an extensive usage of workshops and simulations.

When it comes to brand research, traditional approaches can yield a limited picture.  Traditionally, Marketers have asked customers why they prefer particular products or brands, and act on customers’ responses to create more valuable offerings.

As we better understand the strong, but silent, role of the subconscious, it becomes clear that the traditional approach is providing only part of the picture. The more emotional the purchase decision, the less of the picture our conscious minds can see which results in missed game changing opportunities for success.

Without further understanding customers’ subconscious emotional motivations and purchase decisions, companies must depend on two indicators – what customers verbally say (through the filter of the conscious mind), and what customers do (observed, measurable behavior).

These two indicators provide an incomplete picture of how customers truly make their decisions and can provide misleading direction on how to proceed. The solution is to connect with PEOPLE. Understanding and anticipating their everyday lives, needs, aspirations, feelings, influences, habits, choices and decisions.

We offer simple, intuitive solutions built on powerful philosophies and always linked to business outcomes. Grow your brand through a thorough and meaningful understanding of the market and by increasing brand equity with focus on the right drivers.

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Brand Value Creator
Defines the best brand positioning by connecting with people

Using deep human motivations to inspire Marketing. Not so much about cutting through but about being invited in