Helping clients make connections in the digital age.

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Ipsos MediaCT helps clients make connections in the digital age. We are leaders in measuring and understanding how consumers access, use and respond to media content across platforms. Our global expertise covers audience measurement, content research and a custom research portfolio that includes tools for digital passive measurement, brand equity and content testing.

As people engage with, watch, listen to, read, search for and create content across a multitude of platforms, the influence, impact and choice of media content and technology is unprecedented. Ipsos MediaCT helps clients break through and connect with their audiences and markets with expertise in the following:

  •     Measuring and profiling audiences;
  •     Analytics for media planning and “big data” capabilities;
  •     Testing of content;
  •     Brand equity and engagement;
  •     Understanding behaviour; and
  •     Testing of new concepts and innovations.

As well as offering survey-based research, we employ a range of other data collection techniques including digital and passive measurement, web listening, communities and neuroscience.


Download a few ideas:

A model that provides insight on the main stages of consumer decision making, choice, experience and action. Each level of insight is supported by benchmarks and norms to enable you to compare to competitors in your sector, to enable you to develop actionable strategic plans to optimize your brand or content’s performance.