Maximise the return on investment of your innovation initiatives and build profitable businesses.

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Ipsos InnoQuest is a dedicated specialist unit to help you meet your innovation and forecasting needs.From the earliest stages of innovation to brand maturity, our experts provide world-class solutions to help marketers: generate insights and ideas, develop and optimise their mix, and model and forecast sales volumes.Ipsos InnoQuest is the only global practice on the market that provides a complete end-to-end innovation offer based on a powerful and consistent philosophy, and flexible forecasting models customized for various verticals.Our recommendations are always linked to financial measures and in-market potential, with scenario-planning simulations and workshops as part of our servicing.

Innovation research can focus too much on evaluation. The problem with this is that evaluation alone can be rather stifling: the emphasis is on qualification and progressing instead of OPTIMISING and there is little focus on feeding the tunnel with the RIGHT ideas. Being too quick to kill ideas, most innovation research too easily becomes report-card research.

Most innovation funnels are crowded with too many small ideas. We think differently. We work across the entire innovation process to identify winning ideas earlier, and maximise their potential.


We offer a complete end-to end approach for bigger, better innovations. To maximize the ROI of your innovation process we include financial metrics even at very early stages and always provide clear direction to maximise its potential.

We offer solutions across the innovation cycle:

A solution that brings together marketers, consumers and experts to identify insights, generate ideas and develop concepts – with the output of each step feeding into the next. Validate output using InnoQuest*Insights and InnoQuest*Ideas quantitative screening tools

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Dispelling the Myths of the Fuzzy Front End

Uses the RED measures from the Innovation Performance Framework (Relevance, Expensiveness, Differentiation) to uncover drivers of concept performance.

A validated model for consumer packaged goods innovations, delivering sales forecasts, robust diagnostics and powerful simulation capabilities

A new solution that provides forecasts and simulations earlier in the process

A tool that helps develop new products, improve existing products and maximize a product’s life and profitability using a product lifecycle approach

InnoQuest*Vantis Optimize®
A tool that optimizes feature configuration for durables, technology, financial, health and other services and link results to volume projections – using a fast and easy streamlined approach

InnoQuest*Vantis MVP®
A validated model for durables, financial services, technolgy, health and other sectors, delivering forecasts, simulations and access to the Vantis Database – the world’s largest database of services, consumer electronics, technology, telecommunication, durables, and healthcare concepts

A tool used to identify consumer motivations and deterrents to trial and repeat for new products within months of its launch – determining new product’s strengths and   weaknesses right away for leveraging or correction