Growing brands through activation at the point of purchase and along the path to purchase.

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Ipsos shopper and retail experts help manufacturers and retailers around the world to optimise their channel and category management strategy, retailer store and fixture layouts, displays, product assortment, pricing and promotion.

While many consumers make their final decision at the point of purchase, today’s consumer landscape requires brands to be vigilant throughout the shopper journey even before they step into the store.  To be trully effective marketers, brands needs to make sure they are there at the point she makes her decision, wherever that point may be.

We help retailers and manufacturers maximise retail sales by providing actionable and relevant market research and insight into shoppers’ attitudes and behaviours.

Our Shopper Research Framework provides a clear methodology in generating shopper insights and provides an executional approach that is designed to turn multiple data sources into actionable insights.


We build retail strategies focused on delivering Retailer differentiation and building relationships between manufacturers and retailers in order to drive the bottom line. We do this via an integrated approach of observation (using technology where appropriate) with rigorous qualitative and quantitative research fundamentals and modelling.

Proprietary equipment allows retailers to count, track and study shopper behavior in the store during all times of the day to assess the impact of promotions, displays, store locations, layouts and other factors.

Download a few ideas:

Shopper Behaviour

Ensures that the survey and other findings are turned into a strategy that benefits the shopper, the  Retailer and the Manufacturer

Focuses on in store activity incorporating Engage Lite observation

xplains the entire journey providing a broad holistic view

Shopper*Retail Perceptor
Explains how shoppers perceive different retailers – their strengths and weaknesses

Shopper*Decision Tree
Derives the importance of attributes and produces a simulator so that any scenario can be tested

Uncovers how shoppers make sense of categories and products to show how to create the principles that  help generate more sales

Shopper *Commstore
Determines which in-store stimulus works best in generating stand out and getting noticed, communicating the right messages and enhancing sales

Shopper*Optimisation Suite
Reveals the impact of different pricing and promotional mechanics, the degree of switching that would occur and the likely impact on share of market

Shopper*Retail Labs
Enable shopper research to be conducted with real products on shelves to assess the impact of shopper marketing

Shopper Effect Index
Identifies whether to invest in more consumer marketing or shopper marketing

Finders/Deciders Matrix
Pinpoints where to focus efforts


Retail Performance

Shopper Count
For retailers wanting to measure, manage and improve their footfall. Turn footfall data into retail sales by monitoring your busiest and quietest times enabling retailers to build up an accurate picture of their customer flow over time.

Shopper Engage
For retailers wanting qualitative insights to understand consumer buying behaviour. We can map how customers use your store by measuring staff, store and product interactions with discreet video tracking.
Shopper Engage Lite
For retailers wanting qualitative insights to understand consumer buying behaviour. We can provide an ‘instant’ snapshot of how customers use your store by measuring staff, store and product interactions with discreet human observers.

Shopper Interact
For retailers looking to improve retail space management by using fixed point-of-purchase impact analysis. We can find out if your displays are attracting consumers with maximum effect.

The ultimate marketing tool for understanding customer behaviour. Add a new layer of customer profiling by segmenting data into gender and age groups and open up a whole new world of sales opportunities with our pioneering face detection technology.

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