Accelerate & inspire business through dedicated Communities, Social Listening & On-the-go (mobile) research.

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At Ipsos SMX, our goal is to help clients like you inspire and accelerate business growth by putting the consumers voice at the heart of your organization. In today’s world people want to engage with brands in a way they define, not in a way that is defined for them.

Ipsos SMX provides better ways to engage, interact and listen to your consumers, enabling you to gain better insights that inspire and accelerate business growth.

Listening to and mimicking social media dynamics and encouraging consumer-to-consumer interaction help uncover questions you didn’t know to ask, surface unmet needs, identify trends, explore and test new concepts, develop stronger and better customer relationships, get executive buy-in and gain insights and inspirations to make better, faster and more informed decisions.


SMX Social Business Intelligence Product Suite
Connects you with your customer’s digital voice and evolves classic social media monitoring into actionable insights. Advanced technology combined with profound market research expertise turns online information into knowledge and insight.

  • Social Explore (For Innovation and Market Understanding)
    Explores trends, white spaces, product development and market entry performance to gain consumer and category understanding
  • Social Health (For Brand Health and Integration)
    Compliment and augment awareness and reputation tracking to fill gaps in understanding
  • Social Connect ( For Loyalty and Communication)
    Uncover sentiment and drivers and assess performance of launches and campaigns

SMX Communities
Enables collaborative environments for brands to interact with consumers real-time. Communities help you build insights, drive innovation and gain influence by accessing on-tap audiences eager to provide inputs that will have an impact. SMX Communities are powered by a proprietary platform leveraging on the very latest in online technology, to turn static, linear research into an interactive and immersive experience.

Censydiam Social
Helps you uncover the nature of online conversations by revealing the motivations, emotions and the ‘why’ behind consumer discussions.

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